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College students have been playing baseball in Berea since the late 1880s. In the fall of 1894, students from Baldwin University and German Wallace College formed an athletic association to “further develop the growth of athletics in the two colleges, which though different in name, in feeling they are as one.”

Baldwin pitcher A.H. Wicks captained the first Baldwin Wallace baseball team through its inaugural season the following spring.

Since those early days, more than 900 young men have played varsity baseball for Baldwin Wallace University.

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Ralph Pratt1961C/OF  
Gary Stoufer1961IF  
Wayne Stratton1961OF  
Vern Turner1961P  
Paul White1961C  
Carl Middleton1961–1962P  
Ken Dusky19623B  
Bob Gersna19622B/SS  
Bud Jackson1962P  
David Jermann1962P  
Vince Kopfstein19622B  
Bruce Lang1962OF  
Marty Mooney1962C  
Dan Pettay1962OF  
Sam Phillips1962C  
B. Rayl1962   
Alan Wheeler19622B  
Dick Early1962–1963OF  
Bob McLaughlin1963P  
Billy Joe Sturgeon1963P  
Dave Wheeler1963IF  
Ron Rolland1963–1964OF  
Al Streich1963–1964IF/OF  
Ernie Ernsberger1964P  
Al Johnson19643B  
Jim Michalsky1964OF  
Pete Ross19643B  
Dick Sarley1964P  
John Scovil1964OF  
Joe Tubbs19643B  
Dave Dourm1964–1965C  
Dave Howell1965   
Britt Shinn1966P  
Sheldon Toepfer1966C  
L. Ward1967   
Donald Dykstra1969   
Vern Sharbaugh1969   
Jon Hopkins1978–1981   
Todd Keller1979–1980OF  
Jeff Lease1979–1980   
Andrew Alonge1980   
Thomas Poe1980P  
Keith Zeman1980P  
Joe Beggiani1984   
Craig Wright1985P  
Fred Hanzek1986P  
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